Annual Meeting

RA-UK ASM 2019 Belfast

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Our all new,booking website is now live, please click the banner above, or follow the link to register for a £50 discount (depending on grade).

International speakers include: 

Dr Ki Jinn Chin - Toronto

Dr Stephen Haskins - New York

Dr Sandy Kopp - Mayo Clinic

Dr Pia Jaeger - Denmark

Dr John McDonnell - Ireland
Dr Jan Boublik - Stanford


For further information check back here, visit the main website or check the Twitter hashtag #RAUK19.


RA-UK ASM 2018 Swansea

Swansea Artwork Wide


RA-UK Annual Scientific Meeting 2018


Thursday 10th May 2018

Liberty Stadium | Updates and Workshops

The National Waterfront Musuem | Gala Dinnerbook online

Friday 11th May 2018

Brangwyn Hall | Scientific Conference Day 


Dr Michael Barrington (Melbourne, Australia)

Dr Mathias Desmet (Kortrijk, Belgium)

Prof Graeme McLeod (Dundee, UK)

Dr Kariem El-Boghdadly (London, UK)


Innervation of the hip joint

Applications of Fascia Iliaca Block

Safety aspects

Critical evaluation of Quadratus Lumborum Block

Using US Skills Beyond RA.


12 CPD points allocated for attending the 2 days





Prices: Early bird rates (in brackets) will end on April 1st 2018


Scientific Meeting ONLY - Member 195 (175.00) GBP
Scientific Meeting ONLY - Trainee Member 140 (100.00) GBP
Scientific Meeting ONLY - Non-Member 220 (200.00) GBP
Workshops & Scientific Meeting - Member 365 (340.00) GBP
 Workshops & Scientific Meeting - Trainee Member 265 (220.00) GBP
Workshops & Scientific Meeting - Non-Member 420 (395.00) GBP






RA-UK Approved Course Status

RAUK approvedRA-UK members organising regional anaesthesia courses may now apply for RA-UK "Approved" status for their events.

RA-UK is a benchmark that the course programme, faculty and feedback have all been scrutinised by RA-UK and found to be of a suitably high standard.

In addition all RA-UK approved courses offer a 15% fee reduction for RA-UK members



To be eligible for RA-UK approved status the course must have meet the following criteria:

  • 50% of the faculty should be full RA-UK members
  • The course should have run before andat least 1 year's course feedback should be available for review.
  • Previous course feedback must be sent back to RA-UK for review by the board 
  • A nominated RA-UK member on the faculty must report back to the RA-UK board and also provide written delegate feedback
  • RA-UK have the right to send a board member to the course (at course's expense) to inspect the quality of the teaching
  • A fee reduction of 15% must be offered to RA-UK members. 

The benefits of being RA-UK approved for courses are:

  • Quality benchmarking of your course
  • Enhanced advertising of your event - listing on the RA-UK website and inclusion of the event in a monthly mailshot to the RA-UK distribution list

To apply for RA-UK Approved status please email Ben Fox, who will consider the application (please include all the supporting information requested above).

RA-UK Annual Dinner 2017

RA-UK Annual Dinner 2017

rsz cropped upper promenade

Date:Thurs 11th May

Time: TBC

Cost: £50 per head

Venue: British Airways i360 tower, Brighton.

The gala dinner will begin with a drinks reception in the tallest moving observation tower. The 162 m tall steel construction will carry us up to 138 m above the seafront in a glass viewing pod, offering 360 degree views across Regency Brighton, the South Downs and a stretch of over 66 miles of coastline, east to Beachy Head and on clear days to the Isle of Wight in the west.  The sky bar will serve English sparkling wine, Harvey's Ale and Sussex Wobblegate juices.

Following the pod flight we will enjoy a 3 course dinner in a private dinning space with beautiful sea views and open access to a private beach-side terrace. The dinner menu will be designed by Steven Edwards, Master Chef Winner 2013 with locally sourced food from Sussex and Kent.

Venue & Travel


rsz grand hotelThe meeting is being held in the Grand Hotel, Brighton, an iconic Victorian property that is steeped in British history and stands centre stage on Brighton’s famous seafront

The hotel is conveniently located just 30 minutes from Gatwick Airport, 1 hour from Central London and just a stone's throw away from the famous Lanes and Royal Pavilion.

For more information on reaching the meeting, please see the travel tab.

Social Programme



Fri 12th May 2017

Programme Day 2 - Friday 12th May 2017

08:30-09:00    Registration & Coffee  
09:00-11:00   Session 1: New Horizons in Regional Anaesthesia   
    Tequila Block: The transmuscular quadratus lumborum block – where, when, why and how J.Borglum, Copenhagen
    Regional Anaesthesia for shoulder surgery and the best brachial plexus approach N.Bedforth, Nottingham
    New approaches to thoracic & abdominal wall analgesia – The ESP block & other paraspinal approaches K.J.Chin, Toronto
11:00-11:30   Coffee & Trade Exhbition  
11:30-13:00   Session 2  
    Pro/Con Debate   
    Spinal Anaesthesia should be the default technique for ASA 1 patients undergoing day case knee arthroscopy

O.Tweedie, Dorchester

S.Tighe, Chester

    B Braun Unsung Hero Award 2017  
    The Bruce Scott Lecture: "From humble beginnings to New Horizons" A.Hadzic, Leuven
13:00-13:30   RA-UK Annual General Meeting  
13:30-14:00   Lunch & Trade Exhbition  
14:30-16:30   Session 3  
    Hip Fracture - is there an optimal technique? S.White, Brighton
    Liposomal Bupivacaine - is this the future? C.Vandepitte, Genk
    The optimal analgesic block for total knee arthroplasty J.Borglum, Copenhagen
    Trainee poster competition presentations  
16:30   Close  

Thursday 11th May 2017

Programme Day 1 - Thursday 11th May 2017

09:00-09:30   Registration & Coffee
09:30-10:00   Expert Scanning Demonstrations 1
    Advanced Blocks -J. Borglum & K.J.Chin
Standard Upper & Lower Limb – A. Hadzic
10:00-10:30   Expert Scanning Demonstrations 2
    Advanced Blocks -J. Borglum & K.J.Chin
Standard Upper & Lower Limb – A. Hadzic
10:40-11:00   International Expert Symposia
    Neuraxial ?blocks in challenging patients – K.J. Chin
Alternative analgesic strategies for abdominal wall surgery – J.Borglum
How to avoid block related nerve injury – A.Hadzic
How to prolong your blocks – C. Vandepitte
11:00-11:40   Coffee
11:40-12:10   Problem Based Discussions 1
    Abdominal wall blocks – J.French
Everyday RA Blocks for children – S.Roberts
RA techniques for knee surgery – C.Egeller
RA for major daycase foot & ankle surgery – O.Tweedie
RA for foot & ankle surgery – A.Allan
RA for breast surgery: What’s best for breast?–A.Pawa
12:10-12:40   Problem Based Discussions 2
    As above
12:40-13:45   Lunch
13:45-16:45   Hands on Workshops
    Basic & Intermediate blocks:
    Upper limb - ISB, Supra clavicular, Axillary and peripheral
Lower limb - Femoral, saphenous , sciatic popliteal, sciatic -Mid thigh/subgluteal
    Advanced blocks:
    Spine/Lumbar Plexus

16:45-17:30   Sinetica Symposium (sponsored event)
    Spinal Anaesthesia and local anaesthetics: make your choice – E.Guntz


Meetings & Courses

Looking for regional anaesthesia courses or events to attend?  Look at our Meetings Section which contains a list of forthcoming events, RA-UK Official courses are run by current or previous board members and part of the profit goes towards benefitting the society, RA-UK approved courses meet educational standards set by RA-UK, and we also advertise other courses internationaly for our members benefit. 

Pocket Guide to USGRA Book

rsz usgra-book-front-cover

This handbook covers the principles of ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia and the technique to perform all commonly used ultrasound-guided upper limb, lower limb, trunk and neuraxial blocks.

152 Pages. Ring Bound. 

We are currently out of stock, but the second edition of the handbook will be with us very soon. 


Watch this space for when it is available for ordering.



RA-UK You-Tube channel

rsz youtubeCheck out the RA-UK You-Tube channel - high quality video demonstrations of US guided blocks (videos available - Interscalene , Supraclavicular,Axillary,Radial, Median, Ulnar, Femoral,Proximal Sciatic, Popliteal, Tibial, Rectus, Ilioinguinal, TAP,and Epidural).


Featured Meetings

RA-UK is pleased to promote upcoming meetings of our partner organisations.