RA-UK Approved Course Status

RAUK approvedRA-UK members organising regional anaesthesia courses may now apply for RA-UK "Approved" status for their events.

RA-UK is a benchmark that the course programme, faculty and feedback have all been scrutinised by RA-UK and found to be of a suitably high standard.

In addition all RA-UK approved courses offer a 15% fee reduction for RA-UK members



To be eligible for RA-UK approved status the course must have meet the following criteria:

  • 50% of the faculty should be full RA-UK members
  • The course should have run before andat least 1 year's course feedback should be available for review.
  • Previous course feedback must be sent back to RA-UK for review by the board 
  • A nominated RA-UK member on the faculty must report back to the RA-UK board and also provide written delegate feedback
  • RA-UK have the right to send a board member to the course (at course's expense) to inspect the quality of the teaching
  • A fee reduction of 15% must be offered to RA-UK members. 

The benefits of being RA-UK approved for courses are:

  • Quality benchmarking of your course
  • Enhanced advertising of your event - listing on the RA-UK website and inclusion of the event in a monthly mailshot to the RA-UK distribution list

To apply for RA-UK Approved status please email Ben Fox, who will consider the application (please include all the supporting information requested above).

RA-UK thanks our sponsors for their kind support in helping to run our meetings