RA-UK Buddy System

We currently undertaking a survey of UK re training with RAFT, the UK Trainee Research Network, but we are already aware that not all trainees receive the same exposure to RA. The buddy system is not designed to replace local clinical or educational supervision but rather is an opportunity for any trainees (if they wish) to be linked with an experienced regional anaesthesia enthusiast who can offer advice about all matters RA. It might be a generic clinical question (buddy system is not about advice for individual patients) or what is a good course. It may be about the EDRA exam or the MSc at University of East Anglia. Or about undertaking fellowship abroad or just whether to attend #RAUKISURA22 (answer to that is obviously yes) !! If your buddy doesn’t know the answer the chance is they will generally know who else in the UK (or further afield) might be able to help you. Remember we also have the RA-UK link network also if you are looking for extra clinical experience.

We will try to find someone local or it may be you choose to be linked virtually to someone outside your deanery. It also depends on the number of consultants volunteering to be a buddy and the number of trainees requesting a buddy as to who is available. There will be no set format to the process and we will simply put you in touch and you can meet/chat as often or as little as you wish.  

As the process evolves so too will the buddy system no doubt. If you are happy to be a RA-UK Consultant buddy, or you are a trainee keen to have a buddy then please fill out the relevant short form below. We will then be in touch in the coming weeks.


Consultant Buddy (i.e. a consultant who is happy to act as a buddy):



Trainee Buddy (i.e. a trainee who is keen to have a consultant buddy):


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